Dr. Yang Apartment by Haven Space Design

by AAshir

Dr. Yang Apartment is a modern home in the Beitun district of Taichung City, Taiwan, designed by Haven Space Design in 2019.


For home, the owner did not want to define a clear style, but simply mentioned that he wanted to have a sense of spacious space, a calm and comfortable atmosphere, and at the same time bring in some Taiwanese imagery.

The morandi green is used to bring out the soft and soothing tone.

For the display cabinet , we found the cement checkered bricks that are often used in Taiwan’s 40 or 50-year-old houses. The checkered bricks painted in morandi green were embedded as decoration, bringing in some some Taiwanese imagery.

After removing the bedroom compartment next to the living room, an open study room is planned, and the space scale is extended; the back wall of the sofa with a suitable height allows the peace of mind when sitting. The couch by the window, not only able to accommodate storage, but also implies a relaxed tonality of this space.

Photography courtesy of Haven Space Design

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