EJ Apartment by Aworkdesign

by AAshir

EJ Apartment is a lovely home located in Taipei, Taiwan, designed in 2021 by Aworkdesign.


What we’ve outlined here is a family of four with a natural and unsullied feel.

Formerly a 30-year-old house, the original layout in the early years was not well planned, resulting in poor moving lines and failure to achieve maximum space utilization benefits.

The design concept is to break the original boundary between the bedroom and the living room, redistribute the size of the space, improve the original cramped pattern, deliberately blur the boundary between the living room and the dining table area, and release the most extensive public space that the whole family can share.

The ceiling is specially decorated with wood-grained rails and flat lamps, which enhance the spacing effect and be full of childishness.

The front balcony introduces much outdoor skylight, and the balcony area connects the main bedroom and the living room, creating a lively back-shaped moving line for school-age daughters to run happily. The wood grain floor extends from the interior to the balcony plant area, which elongates and widens the living and dining area. Each bedroom retains a sizeable natural flow of window light, and the primary color of white and wood grain emphasizes the natural and pure feeling. The bathroom uses striped glass doors to allow the partition walls to penetrate brightly.

The cabinets and walls next to the dining table use natural and rough wooden textures, and the TV wall also adopts a rough surface by hand brushing. The water-milled quartz tiles in the dust-fall area of ​​the porch and the living room’s wooden floor stretch forward to create a sense of space. From the kitchen entrance to the balcony, a whole face of the perforated board is specially placed behind the TV wall, which can have both display function and multi-level storage function.

Photography courtesy of Aworkdesign

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