Enigma House by Mem Arquitectos

by AAshir

Enigma House is a modern single-family house located in Querétaro City, Mexico, designed in 2022 by Mem Arquitectos.


Enigma’s facade dissembles a small house, which is discovered to be bigger as you enter the same. A simple and noble architecture can be appreciated in the facade along with a trichromatic conjugation of plain white, gray quarry and wood. The terrain has the peculiarity of being composed by a 6 meter front which opens 6 more meters on the opposite side, with a depth of 19 meters. The rectangular trapezoid shape of the terrain was advantaged by projecting a central garden on the ground floor, which pretends to communicate the social zone, and at the same time divide the same from the private zone. Notably, the central garden creates a cross ventilation, whose main function takes the form of a visual element due to its sculptural nature. It was decided to arrange a room on the ground floor with the purpose of providing the user a dynamic space that could be occupied as an office, bedroom, or even as a game room.

In the first level, an spatial distribution can be appreciated with two more bedrooms, which receive a stellar view to the central garden, without leaving alongside the privacy for each one.
With a simple facade and sober in its nature, Enigma invites you to discover it and enjoy its views which are as serene as its own aesthetic.

Photography by Ariadna Polo

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