F1 APB1 by DMP Arquitectura

by AAshir

F1 APB1 is a Scandinavian-style apartment in Mexico that was redesigned by DMP Arquitectura in 2022.


Located in a vertical condominium to the west of the State of Mexico, Frondoso 1-APB1 is an intervention that consists of the remodeling and renovation of an old apartment from the 80s.

The main idea of ​​the project was based on rearranging and simplifying the existing distribution, which was previously designed for 4 people; to adapt it to the needs of a person, allowing the compact and dimly lit original spaces to be transformed into large social areas that favor free and efficient movement.

This conception led us to organize and articulate the new areas through a large walkway that connects the north end with the south. A large room welcomes you through a new roof, which is attached to the existing structure of the building; it extends towards the terrace in order to generate a close relationship between the warmth of the interior and the living nature of the exterior.

Wood, marble, neutral colors, and some contrasts in a black tone, are the protagonists in the interiors, and under the concepts of the Japandi Eastern Scandinavian style, they flood the nascent configuration with light.

The use of the existing windows and the incorporation of additional openings in all the spaces that make up the apartment, frame the privileged view of the terrace and its surrounding nature.

Photography courtesy of DMP Arquitectura

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