Flat Near Boulevard Ring by Maria Kataryan

by AAshir

Flat Near Boulevard Ring is a Scandinavian style apartment located in Moscow, Russia, designed in 2022 by Maria Kataryan.


The apartment is located in a building built in 1928 which was a revenue house in past in the historical part of Moscow near the Boulevard Ring.

The main task in this project for the architect Maria Kataryan was to create an interior where you can feel the spirit of an old Moscow flat in accordance with the lifestyle of a young couple who loves to host guests, arrange dinner parties and movie nights.
The functional tasks of the space were solved thanks to the enfilade layout, and the atmosphere of antiquity was formed by characteristic details and materials, such as cornices, plinths, marble windowsills, doorway trims, tiles in the bathroom and kitchen. There are modern technical solutions helping to make the living space comfortable and functional in the interior – a projector, game speakers and a set-top box, sockets with HDMI connectors.

The lighting solution was developed taking into account the nature of the interior created by the architect. Black and white decorative luminaries create cosiness and support a laconic design solution. They focus attention on themselves and seams an integral part of the visual perception of space. Practical metal wall lamps are used in the kitchen area, thanks to which the work surface is well lit. The dining area is softened by a pendant luminary with a pleated lampshade. Decorative pendant chandelier with the shape of a ball with soft feathers in the bedroom creates a feeling of comfort and warmth.

Almost invisible on the ceiling, minimalist lighting fixtures provide visual comfort and the necessary level of illumination in the functional areas of the living space.

The architect paid great attention to natural light in this project. Thanks to the chosen planning solution, the interior is maximally filled with sunlight, penetrating through the windows and reflecting from light surfaces during the day.
At night, artificial lighting supports the design solution, transferring residents to the atmosphere of an old Moscow apartment, where it is comfortable to live, enjoy modern technical benefits, as well as relax and have fun with friends.

Photography by S. Ananiev

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