Gonzaga Guest House by Carola Vannini

by AAshir

Gonzaga Guest House is a contemporary apartment rental located in Naples, Italy, designed in 2022 by Carola Vannini.


An old apartment has been transformed in order to create an accommodation facility that has the flair of both, a home and an art gallery.
The custom-designed and custom-made furniture and the precious artworks by artist Valeria Corvino, create the perfect environment for a vacation in the beautiful city of Naples.

The Gonzaga Guest House has three bedrooms with private bathrooms, all defined by different colors, wallpapers, and moods.

The common day area hosts a large kitchen and a huge table where it is possible to share experiences and meals with other travelers.
A large modular sofa defines the tv area.

An important role has been given to artworks that stand out in the day area and emphasize the architectural space while giving strength and character to it.

Colors and materials have been selected in order to create a warm environment and, most of all, to recall the joy and happiness brought to the interiors by the surrounding city.

Photography courtesy of Carola Vannini

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