Hong Home by Haven Space Design

by AAshir

Hong Home is a modern apartment located in Taichung City, Taiwan, designed in 2021 by Haven Space Design.


After communicating the needs with the owner, in the stage of customized modification, the wall which connecting the entrance and the kitchen, a guest room, the floor tiles of the whole apartment, and the bathroom were all removed.

Saving time and budget, the owner can focus more on the life he wants.

Under the original plan of the construction company, there was a wall in front of the entrance. After removing, we made a penetrating grille design with wood, iron and glass to reduce the sense of oppression caused by solid walls.

The suspended shoe cabinet can place shoes at the bottom. The upper and lower LED light strips, together with the setting of induction lights, making it more warm when entering and leaving home.

In the public space, wood color and white are used as the main axis of the space. The plaster on the TV wall adds a layer of calmness to the space.

In the dining area, the countertop is made of stain-resistant and wear-resistant plates, and the bottom is supported by shaped iron legs to create a solid and rounded visual effect.

The semi-penetrating study room allows light to enter the entire interior and easily collects the greenery outside

The dressing room is separated by an push door. The clothes which often wear can be hung on the top.

The lift-up jewelry cabinet in the corner is very convenient to store small items such as jewelry or watches

Although the days are busy, at least there is still a home where you can steal a moment of leisure.

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