Hotel Hermitage Prague by Ian Bryan Architects

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Hotel Hermitage Prague is an art-deco hotel located in Prague, Czech Republic, redesigned in 2021 by Ian Bryan Architects.


Twelve years after the transformation of this former print-works building into a 4 star hotel, IBA were invited back to re-work the ground floor public areas including the reception, lounge / bar, restaurant and buffet zones. As part of this process the hotel has been re-launched by the owners as ‘Hermitage Hotel’ after operating under the Park Inn banner since first opening in 2009. The building itself dates back to the 1920s when it was built in the characteristic ‘secessionist’ style.

The brief was to update the spaces and to integrate the bar with the reception areas. The new designs draw inspiration from the industrial heritage and printing imagery of the building and to reflect this the design uses copper sheet to clad the new bar and metal framed elements mirroring the decorative motifs found on the facade.

The atmosphere is more open and informal than the original layout, with the bar now facing the reception and the adjacent lounge seating areas. Parts of the ceiling and walls are opened up to expose the original concrete and brick construction as a ‘memory’ of the building’s industrial heritage. Guests are encouraged to linger in the lounge areas where there are a variety of settings to suit group or individual activities, all provided with modern technology access.

Overall the design provides an eclectic mix combining industrial, decorative and modern themes.

Construction works were completed in 2021 however due to Covid there have been few opportunities for guests to fully experience the upgraded facilities, a situation that is set to change as the pandemic restrictions ease.

Author and design team: Ing. arch. Katarína Chalaniová, Ing. arch. Peter Hričovec, Ing. arch. Patrik Koval, Ing. Michal Němec, David Hruška

Photography courtesy of Ian Bryan Architects

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