House Among the Pines by ArchObraz

by AAshir

House Among the Pines is a beautiful single-family residence located in Dnipro, Ukraine, designed in 2022 by ArchObraz.


A laconic house in the suburbs of the Dnipro River is elegantly integrated into the surrounding forest without changing the landscape. The ascetic form of the house hides overall energy efficiency: the stained-glass windows are oriented to the southeast and southwest, which is the most effective for this region of Ukraine. A heat pump is used for heating, hot water supply, air conditioning, and recuperative ventilation. The stained glass windows have built-in electric heating for winter heating, developed by a local company. Exterior cladding and interior decoration follow the rational use of local natural resources – metal and wood. As a result, the cottage is stylistically harmonious with the environment and gives a feeling of unity with nature.

Photography by Andrey Avdeenko

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