House Full of Coziness by TGH Studio

by AAshir

House Full of Coziness is a modernist home located in Warsaw, Poland, designed by TGH Studio.


Aesthetics have played a huge role in our client’s life for years, daily managing several Warsaw restaurants. As a studio, we wanted to make sure that from beautifully designed workplaces, Weronika would return every day to her home, where every detail has also been taken care of.

From the threshold of the door, you can feel the warmth with which the house emanates. The living room, which is a central area, envelops you with coziness and helps offset the stress gathered by the household members throughout the day. When designing the house, we had Veronica’s family in particular in mind. It is a space that invites with its energy. The children feel it.
Family gatherings once a week are not only an opportunity to deepen our client’s family ties but also an opportunity to build memories in a home that over the years become part of it.
The kitchen with its beautiful wooden island turns into a gingerbread house factory at Christmas, and the spectacular living room into an obstacle course when Weronika’s son is visited by his peers. Amidst the modernist interior designs that prevail in big cities, on 160m2 we created an oasis of calm allowing family members to breathe away from the rush of the Polish capital.

Photography courtesy of TGH Studio

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