House in the Historic Center by AB + Partners

by AAshir

House in the Historic Center is a beautiful historic residence located in Bucharest, Romania, redesigned by AB + Partners.


This is an interior, the arrangement of which we partially completed by designing the key areas of the house and manufacturing a number of pieces of furniture. We took into account the specificity of the building, HOUSE IN BUCHAREST, whose façade was also reinterpreted by AB + Partners.

When designing the living room and dining room, we were guided by the principle of accuracy. Although the lines of the façade were strongly influenced by the historical context, inside we did not stick to the classical direction. We have simplified and modernized the lines, relying on convenience. We created the arrangement in light hues and gave it a natural look. We used the warm texture of the wood on the floor, as well as the plywood in the living room. In addition to the generous sofa having the hue of noble green, we created a library area in which we placed armchairs and accents of the same colour. We paid great attention to lighting. Due to the use of LEDs, we emphasized the geometric play along the perimeter and also that of the furniture. The interior window, which faces from the living room towards the staircase, maintains the feeling of ephemerality of the premise.

In the dining room we also opted for simple shapes. We ennobled the premise by the wooden table top and the massive lighting fixture that balances the upper part of the room. And in this area we have integrated LEDs in the furniture, being the elements that support the brightness of the project.

Wood and pastel hues also dominate the staircase. Here we used a wooden railing, which gives ephemerality to the area, but also lighting in the lower part of the steps that creates the illusion of a flight.

The stylistic line and the atmosphere of the day area easily migrate upstairs, where the matrimonial bedroom overflows with tenderness. Powdered colours and plenty of light are combined with functionality. We created several areas so that this premise will not be intended only for sleeping, but also represent an oasis of relaxation.

Façade Design

Integration into context is one of the essential conditions of a correct architecture, and this condition is even more emphasised in the case of a historical entourage. In the case of the project below, the exterior created for the building strictly followed the standards imposed by the Ministry of Culture of Romania and aimed at modernizing the building while keeping the architectural style of the historic building.

Based on the design of the initial façade, we updated the construction by combining the stone characteristic of the historical architecture with the fibre-reinforced cement tiles. Thus, we have preserved the façade as a symbolic example of the timelessness of creativity and introduced into the concept the elements with strict lines that integrate it into modern trends.

To the central element of the façade that has the original classical forms we have added elements of minimalism, which highlight the value of the construction by contrast. Glass railings and neutral colour range continue the modern contrasting line accentuated by subtle exterior lighting.

Photography courtesy of AB + Partners

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