House of Music by Tal Goldsmith Fish Design Studio

by AAshir

House of Music is a modern penthouse apartment located in Tel Aviv, Israel, redesigned in 2022 by Tal Goldsmith Fish Design Studio.


This complete renovation of a penthouse in Tel Aviv originated first and foremost by the need to add a new room where the harpist, who is playing with the Israeli Orchestra, can practice her craft.

As part of the project, the available space was also re-divided in order to create 3 bedrooms for the 3 children, each of whom plays a different musical instrument.

The main concept of this project was inspired by the harp, an elegant instrument with delicate strings.

To that effect we designed a string bookcase wrapping around the walls of the main space, between the kitchen and dining area, presenting a unique pattern of thin aluminum pipes, woven vertically and horizontally, almost vanishing into the background.

The acoustic harp room, which is facing the balcony, was placed right across from the living room with a glass wall and a curtain separating the two spaces.

A white hallway with skylight at its end leads to the bedrooms section of the house.

The materials and color palette chosen for this project were monochromatic in nature and were based on natural materials – wood, Rezina and warm gray fabrics.

Photography by Amit Geron

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