House of the Flying Trees by Open Ad Architects

by AAshir

House of the Flying Trees is a beautiful apartment building located in Riga, Latvia, designed in 2021 by Open Ad Architects.


The House of the Flying Trees (HOFT) is a residential complex in Riga comprising two volumes: an original 20th century Art Nouveau facade building and a new seven-story, the travertine-clad building behind it. Its 42 apartments range in size from 76 m2 to 232 m2. Every apartment has its own balcony, at least 1.80 meters wide, as well as windows facing the sanctuary-like inner courtyard.

HOFT’s signature feature is its “flying trees” – a collection of bonsai trees accommodated in glass planters attached to the facade. The trees are both a contemporary interpretation of Art Nouveau motifs and an innovative way of bringing more nature back to the city. They shape the backbone of the building’s identity, including its logo.

The courtyard encourages residents to meet and spend time together. A series of common rooms provide space to network indoors too. Public interiors are influenced by Art Nouveau, the atmosphere, and the style of the building’s neighborhood. Where possible, authentic details were kept intact or adapted. The architects worked closely with local craftsmen and artists to create unique touches such as the brass apartment numbers. The art is original work by Klavs Loris.

HOFT illustrates that inner-city living can be combined with access to nature and community.

Photography by Klavs Loris

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