Kastelaz Hof by Peter Pichler Architecture

by AAshir

Kastelaz Hof is a contemporary villa located in Termeno, Italy, designed in 2020 by Peter Pichler Architecture.


Peter Pichler Architecture designs landscape inspired villa on vineyard in North Italy.

The new villa is located in South Tyrol, North Italy in the wonderful Alpine landscape of Termeno, renowned for being the home of the Gewürztraminer wine.

In 2018 PPA won an invited competition to replace an old existing structure on top of the ‘Kastelaz’ vineyard with a new villa, owned by a well-known wine-producing family from the area. The site is nestled within mountain valleys, the vineyard, a forest, and close Caldaro Lake, providing a 360-degree landscape view.

Photography by Gustav Willeit

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