Last Green House by Alejandro Gimenez Architects

by AAshir

Last Green House is a modern single family house located in Marbella, Spain, designed in 2021 by Alejandro Gimenez Architects.


This integral refurbish in Aloha was though as a challenge in order to get the best from every space.

Each room and living room is thought in detail, giving them identity and making the house breathe. Bathrooms and bedrooms are linked to create a sense of continuity, rather than separating areas.

Another important point of the project was the materials, where the white of the walls, the oak wood in the cabinets and doors, the microcement of the floor, and the black metal present in the fireplace and stairs, create spaces of harmony and warmth.

Like all our projects, we play with local and natural materials to create an apartment that takes the mind to Andalusian architecture while living with the most contemporary facilities.

Photography by Anna Elias

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