Ling Apartment by Aworkdesign.Studio

by AAshir

Ling Apartment is an inspiring home in New Taipei, Taiwan, designed in 2022 by Aworkdesign.Studio.


What kind of scene can be to a home that one person can achieve!

The expansive building density and comfortable, well-lit give this space excellent conditions. In this regard, we inject the rich natural livelihood minutiae that wander in it to achieve a comfortable home-style which is necessary.

A homeowner is a graphic designer and a playful white Shiba Inu who looks like it came out of a storybook. Such a combination of owner and pet requires a lot of free and open working and living space; without deliberately making boundaries, the entire living and dining is not only office space but also a drinking space for entertaining friends in spare time. Sliding doors are planned for the two bedrooms; when they are opened, the overall visual effect is more transparent; closed sliding doors at night are a quiet and comfortable private area.

The lime-washed walls of brown wheat color and blue-gray create a tranquil and cozy feeling, and the warm walnut floor is matched with furniture with wooden and rattan edition elements, forming a three-dimensional home full of a sense of life.

Photography courtesy of Aworkdesign.Studio

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