Little Sasha by Haven Space Design

by AAshir

Little Sasha is a lovely apartment with an industrial touch located in Taichung City, Taiwan, designed in 2021 by Haven Space Design.


The owner of this project is a couple and their little girl.

The couples hope that there can have more interaction possibilities within the family members.

Therefore, in the layout planning, instead of the common sofa facing the TV, the original main wall of the TV was turned into a display cabinet, so that the exhibits and books became the scenery of the home.

For the display wall, we remove the cement surface, so that the mottled texture of unevenness becomes the focus of the space.

The sofa and the dining room side are pasted with red-brown cultural stone, which resembles the mottled red brick texture produced by time, bringing a warm feeling to the cold industrial atmosphere.

The master bedroom continues the industrial style of the public area.

The display racks and walls in the dressing area are also decorated with iron pieces combined with wood shelf and plaster paint.

In the daughter’s room, the warm goose yellow is used as the main color of the wall to create a secret base full of childishness.

The terrazzo surface in the bedside area is as colorful as a fairy tale world.

The fishbone-shaped ceiling directly above the bed, whenever the girl look up, the warm feeling of wood will lead into the sweetest dreamland.

Photography courtesy of Haven Space Design

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