Monte Nobiallo

by AAshir

Monte Nobiallo is a beautiful minimalistic hideaway located in Como, Italy.


Monte Nobiallo is a space where you can be free and enjoy time away from everyday life. It’s a hideaway with design elements and all the luxuries you need.

The house is minimalistic but there is everything you need. It was important to the owners to have high-quality interiors that matched the character of the house. So the lower level is in darker colours — green, brown and black — while the upper level is much lighter and brighter as it gets the full sun. It is a completely different feeling between the two when you climb up the ladder.

The views from everywhere on the property — whether you’re lying in bed, at the dining table or on the terrace, you can look out across the lake.

Photography courtesy of Welcome Beyond

The post Monte Nobiallo first appeared on Design Daily.

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