Obra Luyaba by Barrionuevo Villanueva Arquitectos

by AAshir

Obra Luyaba is a concrete single-family house located in Córdoba, Argentina, designed in 2021 by Barrionuevo Villanueva Arquitectos.


The value of the site is nature, which plays the leading role as soon as the asphalt road is abandoned.

The work is present among the winding road, the mountain topography and vegetation. And as these factors progressively allow it, it begins to be discovered.

Once there, the work takes the protagonism of the scene for a moment, to immediately give it back. You can’t compete with that environment. There the work is transformed into an observation platform that solemnizes the breathtaking views of the landscape and wildlife.

The project defines the need to generate shelter, and works the logic of construction that rethinks the economy, resources, human needs and contained space.

The work is a support for habitation and contemplation, the compositional synthesis had to be total. The structure supports the loads, defines the space, the uses and the material expression, in collaboration with the wooden screens, condition and intend the sunlight and the visuals.

The definition of these factors are essentially defined by the beams that, by their location and direction, determine the circulation and permanence zones on the ground floor, as well as the definition of a public and a private space, intertwined. The result is a courtyard node between the public/private in horizontal and the access and terrace/pileta in vertical.

All these variables of use and space make possible a dwelling with the purpose of providing a gradual revelation of the architecture, giving frame and accent to the landscape.

Photography by Gonzalo Viramonte

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