Parkside Residence by Ashley Halliday Architects

by AAshir

Parkside Residence is a lovely contemporary house located in Kaurna Country, Australia, designed in 2021 by Ashley Halliday Architects.


Taking cues from the adjacent 1880’s Villas – form, scale, set-backs, roof profiles – a simple, contemporary palette of complimentary materials and finishes was introduced. House and garden were orchestrated to reflect the owner’s generosity of spirit, modern taste, dynamic family lifestyle and desire to engage with their suburban community.

The two gabled pavilions sit perpendicular to one another, pulled apart and inflected to create interstitial spaces between that provide veiled views in and out whilst creating pockets for the surrounding landscape to infiltrate and break down the mass of the house. The main living pavilion embraces the gabled roof form with a portal steel frame allowing the roof form to continue internally. Tasmanian oak ceiling linings add warmth and scale whilst the textured oak battens give a rhythm to the spaces, enhancing the sense of perspective that is directed to the garden to the south.

Photography by Anthony Basheer

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