Peschiera Apartment by Quarta & Armando

by AAshir

Peschiera Apartment is a contemporary home located in Turin, Italy, redesigned in 2021 by Quarta & Armando.


Located in one of the most affluent post-war expansions of Turin, the apartment was originally constituted by two smaller adjoining units. The new owners, a couple of young professionals, called for a complete renovation of the original intricated floor plan in order to have a bright, open, flexible space that could adapt with the growth of their family in the future.

The intervention focused on unifying and rationalize the two units a new, whole functional entity where, without interruptions, the space transitions from public to mixed to private areas with a smooth, natural flow that does not call for unnecessary partitions but yet guarantees the necessary levels of privacy for every space.

The open living room is filled with natural light through the ample windows and is enriched by a marble wall that becomes the hinge of the spatial distribution. The wall connects and separates at the same time the night areas and the study, through giant sliding walls that allow for the space to be opened up or closed according to different needs.

All the other spaces of the house are nested around this public core, and a consistent yet variated palette of light colors, precious surfaces and delicate materials create a pale, sophisticated atmosphere throughout the house.

On this soft background, few selected Family antiques, memories from different periods and Continents, play with other contemporary design pieces, in a dialogue that seems to connect East and West, past and present, minimalism and decor.

Photography by Beppe Giardino

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