Puce Apartment by Iya Turabelidze Studio

by AAshir

Puce Apartment is a creative home located in Kyiv, Ukraine, designed in 2018 by Iya Turabelidze Studio.


This project is a reflection of a customer’s dream to start a new life in space, where everything would be simple, clean and logical.

The second main idea was to create space bigger as much as we could, so we throw the old functional plan away and created free space, separated only with glass walls and a hidden wardrobe system. Hidden doors, plinths on the white walls also create the optical illusion of a bigger space. The apartment has big panoramic windows on green Kyiv hills, and instead of that green madness outside whole colour pallet inside is soft and feminine.

Materials: All the materials in the apartment are also playing in the game of making the apartment bigger. Walls are made with white paint, but in the kitchen and hallway area, we used microcement to make the surface more practical. The same coverage is on the hallway and bathroom floor. There are some marble in the guest bathroom and some tile from Portugal in the main bathroom.

Interesting fact – from the colour of the beetle chair by Gubi to the colour of the kitchen and main bathroom we used vine palet ( from rose to Bordo) because the customer is a big wine lover!

Photography by Mikhail Loskutov

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