Red House by Aramé Studio

by AAshir

Red House is a courtyard house located in Barcelona, Spain, redesigned in 2022 by Aramé Studio.


The Red House is the transformation of a former factory into a housing studio located in Barcelona’s Poblenou district. It is a courtyard house, which reconciles the domestic and the working reality.

The project is based on the symbiosis of two main concepts:

– Maintaining the essence and character of the neighborhood’s industrial landscape by recognizing the spatial characteristics and materials of the existing building.
– Introducing the typology of a Courtyard House, typical from the Mediterranean culture, in which the house revolves around the outdoor space, which becomes the main center of the dwelling.

Therefore, the project proposes a completely open and flexible space with high-rise roofs in which the only independent spaces are the bedrooms.

All rooms from the interior living space revolve around the courtyard that acts as the domestic’s core; a “green” oasis that brings light, ventilation, and nature into the house.

Photography by Del Rio Bani

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