Residence S by Fu Design Studio

by AAshir

Residence S is a lovely home located in New Taipei City, Taiwan, redesigned by Fu Design Studio.


The “cave”, the earliest habitat for human beings, not only provides a physical environment to shelter from the wind and rain, but also satisfies the vacancies in people’s hearts. This case is the renovation of an old house. The sunlight is mainly concentrated on the south side. The single lighting and the existing partitions make the light in the house slightly insufficient even in the daytime. In order to meet the owner’s space needs and design considerations, we retreated the guest bedroom space, so that the public area has a complete T-shaped area, simplified the facade, and used a touch of light green to bring out the rhythm of the space, with the guidance of the light strip , so that the space has a linear dialogue. In terms of materials, we maintain our inertia, do not need too many complicated combinations, simply use cement texture, with large light green and light wood grain floors, and echo the external environment with such cooperation. Here, there is the peace of mind that a modern “cave” brings.

Photography courtesy of Fu Design Studio

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