Residential House by Architectural Bureau G. Natkevicius & Partners

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Residential House situated in Kaunas, Lithuania, is a modernist concrete residence designed in 2021 by Architectural Bureau G. Natkevicius & Partners.


Monumental expression, two-storey building with a basement is located in the picturesque central part of Kaunas, in the old interwar villa district.

The composition of the new house keeps the spirit of Kaunas modernism alive as the circular windows designed in the concrete planes give the building the impression of modernism.

The two-volume reinforced concrete residential house is embedded in a rather expressive descending relief, due to which the building itself only further highlights the slope of the plot.

The rectangular plot complex is enriched by landscape solutions, an openwork, vertically split concrete fence that introduces a smaller scale to the street paving.

Exceptional architecture building welcomes with an impressive concrete façade, expressing its natural beauty, whose rough industrial texture is softened by glass, contrasting with its lightness and fragility. The building impresses with its clean, original forms.

The volume of the building is divided into three floors. The first level is an access to the basement of the house, where a luxury garage for eight cars is designed. There is not much space for the car parking on the plot.

The staircase from the partially open basement leads to the first floor of the building and the inner space of the plot.

The first floor of the house is divided into two parts: glass and monolithic. A monolithic third-floor console is hung above the glass part, which looks like hanging in the air due to the glass showcases.

There are spacious hall with a wardrobe, stairs and an elevator, a kitchen, dining and living rooms on the ground floor.

Once entering the building through the glass part of the building the inner space opens – the inner yard and the terrace, designed from glass showcases, which only enhances the impression of the levitating volume. The terrace is additionally designed with a rectangular concrete support with a circular opening that replicates the façade.

The second floor, above the inner terrace, is cantilevered, as the first floor is occupied only by the hall space. The second floor is designed with two luxurious bedrooms with separate bathrooms and walk-in closets.

The bedroom windows on the second floor of the house are shaded with exclusive vertical concrete slats. Such an element not only breaks down and gives a smaller scale to the sculptural building, but also enlivens and softens the façade.

A solar power plant has been designed on the roof of the building.

Photography courtesy of Architectural Bureau G. Natkevicius & Partners

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