Rudolph House by Alexander Brenner Architects

by AAshir

Rudolph House is a modern residence of a car lover located in Stuttgart, Germany, designed in 2021 by Alexander Brenner Architects.


This house for a Porsche enthusiast and car collector is built on a steep slope overlooking the city of Stuttgart. Like his previous house, which is right next to it (designed in 1997), it is located below a panoramic street that is common in Stuttgart. Therefore it is accessed via a car elevator that leads directly to the everyday garage and from there to the classic collector`s room. The garage and the collection are completely earth-covered in order to keep the footprint of the building as small as possible.

Opposite the glazed garage across a piazza is the modern residential home. The main living area is on the same level as this courtyard, so that it becomes an outdoor living room in the summer months. If necessary, the cars can be concealed behind a curtain system that can be operated from anywhere.

One level below is the private bedrooms and bathrooms and another floor below there is a large open space for a wide variety of uses. Besides various secondary rooms, a spacious guest apartment is on this level. From all floors, there is a fantastic view of the city center and the gentle and lush green slopes on the opposite side of the valley.

The client, who loves classic and modern architecture and is an art lover, now enjoys having this wide view on the one hand and a short way to his collection of classic Porsche sports and racing cars on the other. So he can at any time prepare the cars for classic-car races, a passion of the client.

Photography by Zooey Braun

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