Shades Of by Atelierzero

by AAshir

Shades Of is a modern apartment located in Monza, Italy, redesigned in 2021 by Atelierzero.


In order to offer a privileged view of the surrounding city, the renovation of this apartment in the historic center of Monza started with the inversion of the existing living and sleeping areas.

Instead of opting for a rigid division of the interiors, the project is configured as a series of spaces seamlessly connected, eliminating separations and doors as much as possible.

The prominent element of the living room is the bespoke corner kitchen, which hides the access to the rear anteroom and defines the dining space as a scenic backdrop.
Materials, colors, and furnishings recall the 70’s with light irony, helping to create a welcoming and relaxing apartment.

Photography by Roberta Gianfrancesco

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