Spronken House by Sanahuja&Partners

by AAshir

Spronken House is a retreat located in Useras, Spain, designed by Sanahuja&Partners.


“At the centre of the Castellon Hills, a breeze away from the Mediterranean Sea lies a small private road leading to an immensity of land that serves as a large earthy canvas full of almond and olive trees. This area and the many medieval villages surrounding it, could easily be mistaken for a Spanish Tuscany. At the center of it all, lies the sculpture. A sculpture designed by the Dutch artist Xander Spronken. A sculpture? Not quite… A house? Not exactly… This Spanish retreat is the culmination of both. It greets you with its host of 6-meter high concrete pillars that do not loom so much as they soar.

A sculpture that has no rhythm but with details inspired by the ancient Fibonacci sequence. Fifty-three concrete pillars carry a wooden roof that weighs down on you bringing back a sensation of earthing and rooting.”

Photography courtesy of Spronken House

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