Sustainable Tourism in Inabe starts in Ugakei Circles

by Alex

Sustainable tourism is taking off as the new form of tourism to meet the shifting wants of the market for an eco-friendlier alternative. Inabe, a city between Kyoto and Nagoya, is taking a step into the shifting to more sustainable forms of tourism.


Ugakei Circles is the city of Inabe’s sustainable tourism project, targeted to open in the spring of 2021. The forest area will be a venue for modern camping (or “glamping”), traditional camping and having centralized communal areas. The goal of this project is to introduce sustainable tourism as low-impact and regenerative through a mix of Danish and Japanese design minds.



“We believe the future is about circularity,” said Flemming Rafn Thomsen, lead architect and co-founder of Tredje Natur. “Our proposal is composed by a family of circles that define a series of sustainable communities. The master plan and buildings embody a unique environment and a regenerative ‘hygge’ experience in nature. It is our hope that our project will become the base camp for a new type of regional nature-based development that promote sustainable awareness and brings the gift of nature to many urban dwellers.”

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