Tehama 1 by Studio Schicketanz

by AAshir

Tehama 1 is a modernist residence located in Carmel, California, designed in 2015 by Studio Schicketanz.


Studio Schicketanz organized the design of this house around a centrally cleared knoll and prioritized outdoor space, producing a deep exploration into the ways in which a structure can merge with and arise from a very specific ecological language.

Textured stone walls give rise to controlled cement steps leading to a crisply modernist structure detailed with geometric framing and supporting a cantilevered roof that offers a shaded penumbra around the entirety of the structure. Light is at play everywhere, from the dappled light that hits the stone wall to the reflection of the majestic neighboring tree in the house’s expansive glass facade.

On the interior, neutral tones work with the couple’s art collection and pops of luxurious detail like an antique dresser and a smooth round tub to offer a consistent feeling of an evocatively natural aesthetic. Indoor and outdoor spaces flow seamlessly together through the barest hint of doorways and enclosure; everywhere is permeated by sun and sky.

Photography by Joe Fletcher

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