The 7 Season House by Hyper-Haus

by AAshir

The 7 Season House is a luxury residence located in Bangkok, Thailand, designed in 2020 by Hyper-Haus.


This house is the embodiment of everything the owner loves, be it favorite cafes, retail shops, bars, co-working spaces or workshops from around the world.

The day we received the brief from Dr. Beauty, the house’s owner, was the day Covid-19 broke into Thailand. Despite being an enthusiastic traveler, the doctor gives her all when it comes to work. The responsibilities that come with her work require her to spend most of her time at the clinic, preventing her from going anywhere. This home is, therefore, a wonderful combination of all the places she’s visited and loved.

The brief was ahead of its time, considering how we have been forced to stay home and isolate ourselves in the past two years. But with a house like this one, boredom will never be a word in your everyday vocabularies.

The house takes inspiration from scenes from seven legendary films, vacation houses and palaces from different parts of the world.

When ‘mek’ (cloud) and ar-kas (air) meet and mingle, the seasons from which all things originate are born. …MA’HAUS
MA = Mek x Air (House owner name)
MA HAUS = MY House
MA = 7 Sezon / 7 Season
Each season is interpreted into each zone of the house’s functional program.

1st SEZON “WARM WELCOME” : The roofed walkway leading up to the house’s entrance and entrance foyer with a special piece of sculpture in the shape of a needle, unabashedly welcoming visitors with the statement that this is the house of the country’s number one expert in botox and filler injections.

2nd SEZON “AUTUMN” : With different functional elements of a lounging area, dining room and kitchen, the room is the house’s main living space, designed to accommodate different activities. The start of the show is the pink themed living space with Mason’s Ironstone “Mandalay Red” Tokyo Vase from 1920 taking the center stage. The vase is customized into a pair of truly one-of-a-kind lamps.

3rd SEZON “SUMMER” : The summer pavilion, which is an addition that connects to the swimming pool, is inspired by a summer palace. It’s where the owner can spend time relaxing, enjoying a cup of tea, and the view of the garden, or even the moon at night. Decorating this space are ancient tea sets from Mikimoto and Givenchy.

4th SEZON “SA-BUY” (In English = COZY) : Another living area of the house designed to use one of the colors the owner adores. The space houses a hidden chamber that keeps all the owner’s collection of books, with the Wedgwood’s antique ceramic collection, Cassettes, as a part of the decor.

5th SEZON “WINTER” : The second floor is home to the owner’s bedroom, office and bathroom. Inspired by ancient Japanese houses in Shirakawa-go, the room is designed to be the most open and biggest room of the house with special, customized details of the carpet and headboard with the house’s specially designed logo on it.

6th SEZON “CHILL” : A small party zone on the second floor of the house offers the ultimate relaxation. The stairway leading up to this space is designed into a tunnel with crystalized surface and reflective effects of lights and shadow. At the bar, a customized chandelier in the shape of a swarm of butterflies makes its fabulous presence.

7th SEZON “SPRING” : The bedroom designed for AKHIN (a Thai word for the sun), the owner’s son, is distinctive for its bright blue color and customized ceiling with neon tubes in various shapes of clouds, including a splash of colors and gimmicks that remind one of spring time.

Louder than millions of words uttered is the ‘work’ itself, and the ‘details’ that make it characteristically unique and meaningful.

Photography by Mr. Sitthisak Namkham

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