The Barn by La Firme

by AAshir

The Barn is a beautiful country house located in Montreal, Canada, designed in 2018 by La Firme.


Future primitive

What to do with an ancient barn sagging into ruin next to a beautiful country residence? How about turning it into a place for the next generation to gather and celebrate?

A promise to preserve the architectural vernacular of the original building amounted to salvaging the entire hemlock structure. Every piece was numbered and, ultimately, reinstalled.

Various open, semi-open, and closed areas on the main floor provides different degrees of privacy. The 30-foot ceiling really lets The Barn breathe and helps it blend elegantly into its setting at the foot of Owl’s Head Mountain. The view through the large windows is spectacular, the building virtually open to an ancient, largely untouched agricultural landscape.

Photography by Ulysse Lemerise Bouchard

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