The Framed House by EKAA Studio

by AAshir

The Framed House is a contemporary apartment for a family of 5 located in Bangalore, India, designed by EKAA Studio.


The Framed House is a 3 BHK apartment in the heart of Bangalore for a family of 5, The Client’s Brief was to accommodate as much natural light as possible while keeping the home warm, with an occasional splash of color.

We have explored the material palette to include materials such as Birch Plywood, Cement Board, white Corian to provide the best of quality, durability and unique design opportunity for our client.

The social spaces of the house, like the Living room and the Kitchen are tied together with a warm shade of Birch plywood and White Corian countertops.

The three bedrooms were conceptualized and designed to introduce the splash of color

The Master Bedroom is ‘purple n pink’ to suit the desire of the client to have a purple room.

The Parent’s Bedroom – ‘The White Room ‘,is all white, with bold wood fixtures to break and highlight the minimalistic approach.

The guest Bedroom is a call back to the familiarity of the living room with fluted Birch plywood paneling, gray Fiber Cement Board ceiling and a green board for the kids to scribble freely on.

Photography courtesy of EKAA Studio

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