The Wing by Alexis Dornier

by AAshir

The Wing is a traditional and contemporary resort located in Ubud, Indonesia, designed in 2021 by Alexis Dornier.


The design intention was to create a structure that sits well in its surrounding, integrates into the vernacular context of the side, and stands for something unseen yet experimental.

We aimed to advocate for an architecture that experiments and blends different ideas into one unconventional and particular form. The roof’s main characteristic formulates the gradual fade between an A-frame and a box- symbols for the traditional and the contemporary.

All bedrooms are found on the second floor, and the material change from 1st to 2nd-floor advocates for the building’s single-story reading – The scale wants to be manipulated carefully enough for the mass to not stick out and evoke inclusivity.

The L-shaped floor plan brackets the pool and deck space area and formulates half of the courtyard, yet open to the neighboring rice fields.

The ceiling theme of the living room is that of a double-height space.

The light crease dramatically pulls the attention inward to the hallway, or from the hallway out to the living room. The fluted ceilings articulate the distinct material concept, the wood adds to the warm atmosphere of a tropical home. Large transparent glass façades make the inside connection to the outside. Large overhangs protect from the heavy rains and sunshine of Bali.

The building is close to other buildings, the back wall acts as a shell to protect from sound pollution and provides privacy.

Photography by kiearch

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