The Wolf-Huang House by Arielle Condoret Schechter

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The Wolf-Huang House is a lovely traditional house located in Orange County, North Carolina, designed in 2021 by Arielle Condoret Schechter.


Across the east fork of the Eno River in Orange County, North Carolina, six miles north of downtown Hillsborough, Lake Orange has attracted well-heeled homeowners to its shores for years, many of whom have built their very large, very traditional dream homes there. Many hardwoods and evergreen trees have disappeared in their wake.

Now another new home has appeared along the lake’s shore, nestled among the lofty trees, that is the antithesis of those houses. Designed by Chapel Hill architect Arielle Condoret Schechter, AIA, the Wolf-Huang house has introduced modern, sensibly sized, and environmentally sustainable living to the Lake Orange neighborhood. Inside, it is the essence of minimal, reductive design — simple and serene

Schechter’s residential clients value light, livability, energy conservation, and spaces tailor-made for their lifestyles over ostentation and grandiose square footage. These homeowners are no different. In fact, the lake itself was fundamental to the conception of the Wolf-Huang house — views of the lake and sunsets over the lake, as well as the breezes that glide across the water.

To that end, the architect oriented the house on the site to face the lake, then used large sliding-glass doors and windows to provide views and welcome the breezes in spring and fall. Windows on the street-facing elevation, along with the house’s slim footprint, facilitate cross ventilation. Clerestories in a roof segment above the main roofline — where a solar array is located — contribute more natural light to the crisp, all-white interior. Deep roof overhangs shade the glass doors and windows from the high summer sun.

For the exterior, Schechter was Inspired by her love of Amsterdam’s colorful houseboats moored along canal banks — simultaneously luxurious and cozy. She made several architectural trips to Amsterdam to visit them. As a result, the Wolf-Huang Lake House feels as if it could be launched into the Lake to float along the banks.

BuildSense custom home builders in Durham served as the general contractor for this project.

Photography by Tzu Chen Photography, Raleigh, NC

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