Three Three by Haven Space Design

by AAshir

Three Three is a modern apartment located in Dali District, Taichung City, Taiwan, designed in 2021 by Haven Space Design.


The family members are a couple and their little kid.

The tonal of the whole public space is based on the refreshing sense that the couple hoped.

We use a lot of wooden elements and white color as the basis of the space; however, in some areas, we use contrast colors to create a unique lively atmosphere for young families.

In order to create a quiet and warm master bedroom, we chose a wooden half-wall headboard design for the bedside wall, and the upper half is painted with sage green. The two complement each other harmoniously, bringing a touch of forest atmosphere to the interior.

Like the master bedroom, the children’s room also uses wood, white and sage green as the design elements of the space.

The sage green extends all the way from the wall, and bends to the low point of the ceiling, like a childhood fantasy which is free and boundless.

Photography courtesy of Haven Space Design

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