TLV Apartment by Chen Shadmi

by AAshir

TLV Apartment is an urban home located in Tel Aviv, Israel, designed in 2022 by Chen Shadmi.


This 104 sqm apartment is located in the heart of Tel Aviv surrounding by greenery. Shadmi was faced with the task of creating a light and bright space for a comfortable life for a young family that wished to remain in the city. The apartment is located on the first floor with a large terrace facing the street.

Shadmi who has extensive work experience with complicated living spaces, choose to start by focusing on the advantages of the apartment, it had high ceilings and a big terrace. The layout of the apartment was very standard and had to be worked on in order to comfortably accommodate all the necessary areas and needs.

The kitchen also functions as the owner’s workplace. The entire kitchen was designed according to the owner’s needs as a pastry chef working from home. The kitchen island was designed to offer a large and accessible work surface. smart storage for all baking equipment was carefully planned to ensure an ideal baking environment.

One of the challenges this project presented was an external storage room that was added to the space as part of an exterior renovation. on one hand, this addition increased the apartment size, but on the other hand, it eliminated the original window and presented a room with no windows. Shadmi decided to preserve the extra room and create a multi-purpose space that functions both as a study and a playroom. Shadmi defined the room with black framed glass doors to compensate for the lack of windows and to create a flow.

Shadmi created a space that perfectly balances the owner’s desires with the original features of the apartment and its surrounding.

Photography by Shay Epstein

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