TNG – Apartment in Santa Giulia by PlaC

by AAshir

TNG – Apartment in Santa Giulia is an inspiring home located in Turin, Italy, redesigned in 2020 by PlaC.


This apartment is located in an early 1900s residential building in the heart of the Vanchiglia district in Turin and is the home of a young Italian/Argentinian couple. The project saw the complete refurbishment of a 110 sqm flat, originally composed of a spacious central entrance/corridor, a kitchen, a living room, two bedrooms, and a narrow bathroom. The new layout encloses all the servant spaces into a central area, visually connecting different corners of the apartment.

The inhabited space is no longer divided into small rooms but is a single fluid environment that intercepts the light entering from all windows of the house. To maximize the natural illumination in the central area, all the walls and furniture facing the living room are topped by vertical glass which allows the natural light to enter the darker space.

The living room, the kitchen, the main bedroom, and the studio are located on the perimeter side of the house. The central servant area includes an entrance (which is also a waiting room) for the studio, two bathrooms, and multiple storage spaces. This separation is emphasized by different floor finishes a wooden floor in the living room, bedroom, and studio versus a concrete floor in the servant spaces.

Photography by Luís Aniceto

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