Totteridge House by Gregory Phillips Architects

by AAshir

Totteridge House is a contemporary residence located in London, United Kingdom, designed in 2022 by Gregory Phillips Architects.


Gregory Phillips Architects has designed and built a striking, contemporary, five bedroom family home in Totteridge.

Sitting adjacent to its traditionally designed neighbours, in a sparse area on the edge of London and the Green Belt, this unequivocally contemporary home has replaced a dated bungalow, where the clients lived for many years. The project has recently been shortlisted for the RIBA London Regional Awards 2022.

Totteridge House is unequivocally contemporary, and contrasts to the surrounding traditional neighbouring properties, yet references the materials of the local area. Built predominantly of brick and timber, these materials are reimagined in a unique way. The waterstruck grey bricks by Petersen Tegl, have variations in colour, and the property features a number of different types of brick detailing in what Gregory Phillips describes as ‘an essay in brickwork’. The property exterior features saw tooth brickwork, where the bricks are laid at a 45 degree angle, creating a striking effect in the sunshine. The garage has the same brick and timber as the property exterior, unifying the look of the house. Elsewhere, brickwork is suspended above a lightweight timber and glass ground floor. This playful juxtaposition of the construction creates a distinctive and high-quality aesthetic that is used both inside and out.

Totteridge House is an exciting and unique alternative to everyday suburban architecture. It’s an elegant and comfortable family home that offers the experience of living in spectacular architecture. The clients wanted a home with character and this house has that in abundance. The high specification materials coupled with the timeless design give this home a life-span that means it can be handed down to the next generation.

Photography courtesy of Gregory Phillips Architects

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