USCAP Interactive Center and Association Headquarters by KAP Studios

by AAshir

USCAP Interactive Center and Association Headquarters is a beautiful office space located in Palm Springs, California, designed by KAP Studios.


KAP Studios, an architecture firm based in LA and London, worked closely with the USCAP (The United States and Canadian Academy of Pathologists) to design the official USCAP Interactive Center and Association Headquarters in downtown Palm Springs, California. The space, which was carefully constructed for the use of future pathologists, features complex and impressive design elements in order for a variety of learning activities and discussions to take place for many years to come.

Each space holds its own noteworthy design facets. For example, the open layout of the lobby brings a feeling of indoor/outdoor harmony and unparalleled views of the Palm Springs mountains. The focal piece of the room is an artistic wooden slat wall which incorporates the company logo – This wall serves also as the acoustic treatment for the space. Individual secure lockers (for attendee’s personal belongings) were coated with chalkboard paint, so each locker could be temporarily personalized.

The theater is a true multi-functional space, featuring a continuation of the slat wall from the lobby and still acting as a primary acoustic treatment. This room was outfitted with high level A/V to allow for quality audio and video recording and streaming with minimal disruption and minimal impact to the visual aesthetic. Remote PTZ cameras, 96” video displays, sound reinforcement and confidence monitors offer solutions for most any AV need, along with octagonal acoustic ceiling tiles which help disguise the inner workings of the space while still allowing for the open and industrial feel.

Each microscopy classroom is home to a custom-built 18-head teaching microscope and 17 individual preview microscopes. The primary classroom is outfitted with three PTZ remote cameras, a ceiling microphone array and video monitors to complement the in-scope learning, along with two-way audio and video connection to the lecture space.

The production studio’s redesign accomplished two things, one of which is having proper acoustic design, as the studio is actually a floating room within a room to isolate outside noise and vibration. The second accomplishment was the ability to utilize the studio for independent tasks at the same time the classroom or lecture space were in use. The space and hardware are commensurate with needs of even the most demanding small studio production needs.

The production control room, also known as the epicenter for controlling all aspects of audio visual and production for the center, sits in a convenient central location. Staff can see via the cameras of all three recording spaces – USCAP also records and broadcasts live events through the latest technology.

Photography by Ethan Kaminsky

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