Villa Aleomandra by Welcome Beyond

by AAshir

Villa Aleomandra is a beautiful seafront resort located on the Greek island of Mykonos, designed by Welcome Beyond.


Villa Aleomandra is an oasis in Mykonos with its own private beach and all the facilities you would expect of a high-end Cycladic house. It feels remote, with a beautiful garden and sunset views, but is within walking distance of several towns, restaurants and beaches.

The owner bought the land in 1998 impressed by the magical sunsets and the views of Delos, an ancient island with strong energy. Planning and landscaping started in 2006 and the house was completed in 2009. It was originally intended as a family house, with just four bedrooms, but over the years, the owner expanded it to include six bedrooms. However, it doesn’t feel like a big house because all of the rooms are spread across the 900-square-meter site.

The house was renovated in 2020 to create more of an international/Miami design aesthetic while retaining the Cycladic feel of the exterior and garden. The landscape is very Greek, with herbs like rosemary and oregano planted alongside olive trees, from which the owners make our own olive oil.

The villa is located on a peninsula in an area of Mykonos that feels like an island on the island. In 20 minutes, you can walk to the restaurants and boutiques of Mykonos Town while the airport is around a 15 minutes drive from the property. Closer is the village of Ornos, which is just a 10 minutes walk away if you want to buy a newspaper or fresh fish from the market. Surrounding the villa is mostly upmarket residences and a few hotels, as well as several high-end restaurants.

The location offers extreme privacy plus some of the most enviable sunsets on Mykonos. This peninsula is the closest land point to the sacred island of Delos, and has picturesque views of this and other nearby Cycladic islands.

Photography courtesy of Welcome Beyond

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