Villa M7 by PRR Architetti

by AAshir

Villa M7 is a minimalist two-story house located in Varese, Italy, designed in 2021 by PRR Architetti.


A narrative of simple volumes put in direct contact with the nature of the outdoor space and large, fluid spaces connected to each other by defined paths. the metal and wood structure is clad in richly textured materials, defining with expressive force the combination of volumes. custom-designed furniture and contemporary design objects characterize the interiors, denoting a rigorous yet domestic style.

The minimalist style of the house is enlivened by the presence of terraces with large windows overlooking the garden, an introverted space in which living takes place.

The garden, characterized by a simple sign, an oval drawn on the ground that connects the main building to the pavilion and the pool, will become a forest of cherry and maple trees, which in spring and autumn will give flowers and colors.

Photography by Andrea Ceriani

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