Warm Time by Xi Space Design

by AAshir

Warm Time is a modern wabi-sabi style apartment located in Xinxiang City, Henan Province, China, recently designed by Xi Space Design.


Wabi is plain, quiet and rough beauty. Sabi is the waiting for a long decadent, gentle and solemn time.

This is a private house project located in Xinxiang City, Henan Province, the client is a young couple, they hope their home is different, and home office is comfortable and enjoy, which requires us to balance the office function and home comfort.

We combine wabi-sabi with modern wind, use large area of warm gray art paint with wood floor to create atmosphere, and use arc elements to soften the whole space. We choose materials from nature, return it to its true appearance, remove miscellaneous ornaments, present the most pure texture.

The smooth progress of the whole project is also inseparable from the trust and execution of the client. In the process of cooperation, the implementation was completely in accordance with the design plan, so the landing and completion degree was very high. The client moved in soon after the delivery of the new house and spent the Chinese New Year there. Our whole team was also happy for the perfect landing of this work.

Photography courtesy of Xi Space Design

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