Waterfront House by Puro Space Studio

by AAshir

Waterfront House is a contemporary four-story residence located in Taoyuan City, Taiwan, designed in 2022 by Puro Space Studio.

Description by Ritzwell & Co.

Ritzwell Oriental design furnishes an house located in the northern part of the island of Taiwan in Taoyuan city, on the shores of a small river. The Waterfront House designed by the Puro SPACE studio is a 4 – storey single family house inspired on the genius loci, connoted by organic volumes with rounded lines and by a living space with a rarefied atmosphere conveying peace and serenity.

A perfect synthesis of Oriental taste and contemporary comfort, in this elegant living space every choice is pure, every placement carefully studied, essential and sophisticated at once. The entrance area “invites” you to step inside with a composition between nature and artifice: the organic lines of the niche echo with the sinuous lines of the wooden bench. The harmony that defines this project is perfectly in line with Ritzwell’s living philosophy which sees some of the most iconic pieces of its collection inserted here, including Oriental design, classicism and craftsmanship.

The Rivage Armchair and the Marcel Chair, both created in top-quality natural materials (wood and leather) enrich both the day and night areas. The Rivage Chair, with its armrests inspired on the curved shape of the roofs of Japanese temples, expresses sturdiness and maximum comfort. The Marcel Chair, with its soft and light lines, harmonizes with the sinuous shapes of the architecture.

Photography by Moooten Studio, Kevin Wu

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