Yamanone No Ie by Fudo

by AAshir

Yamanone No Ie is a unique single-family house located in Kamakura, Japan, designed in 2021 by Fudo.


It is located at the bottom of a mountain.

Also,the site has a narrow frontage and a wide back.(trapezoid shape)

To design a house on such a unique site,we carefully survey the nature and surroundings.then, choose a shape that as if it was carved from the terrain.

The house designed to snuggle up to the surrounding mountains, providing air, light and water passages.

When you enter the house,a large space overlooking the stairs, atrium, and study opens up. The wall storage which effectively reused the surplus wood stands along the side.

The house is connected as one space, each places are dotted with a number of spaces. Also there is no corridor.

The ground floor opens towards the courtyard which gains a plenty of natural light and maintains privacy at the same time.

On the other hand, the 1st floor has various common spaces and windows which visitors can enjoy a unique view of mountains from them. Outdoor pilotis, courtyards and balconies are equally treated as a room.

Inner pitched roof incorporate rain presence into the space.

By interweaving the outdoors and the indoors without distinction, the boundary becomes ambiguous, so that you can feel a rich space with many places. Live with Yato, open to the mountains and listen to the sounds of the mountains. That is to live in harmony with nature. No matter how strong an artificial object is, it cannot withstand the forces of nature.

This is a house that harmonize the nature and coexists with it.

*Yato:a beautiful valley.

Photography by Yohei Sasakura

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