Zupe House by Iván Bravo Arquitectos

by AAshir

Zupe House is a beautiful house with a wooden facade in Santiago, Chile, designed by Iván Bravo Arquitectos in 2014.


The house is located on a hillside with a significant slope that opens to the south, the land was already consolidated at the time of design: the garden, pool, and parking are pre-existence of the previous house and the land conditions make the most sensible decision to rest on existing foundations, so the project takes an uncommon complexity and becomes a discreet and silent arrangement of volumes, based on rules outside itself.

The public spaces are distributed on the first floor and the private spaces on the second floor, forming a natural and familiar organization in which the value is given by the relationship between full and empty spaces, allowing each element to be understood as autonomous while also being part of a total. Inside, there is an obsessive level of definition in each piece of furniture and element that builds the space, turning the whole into an unrepeatable collection of design pieces. On the outside, the existing architectural authenticity of the place is respected and the rough and crumbling skin of the house is transformed into an abstract and timeless volume that, without ignoring the pre-existences, seems to have been in the same place forever.

Photography by Aryeh Kornfeld

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