[Editorial] The Intention. The Dream. The Critic

by bushra

The Intention. The Dream. The Critic

Paolo Vincenzo Genovese


We live in a perplexed era. Couple of months ago, the Two-Dimensional world which we assume to know, finally shows its reality: nothing truly exists as we supposed to be.

This assertion is not provocative, neither is a paradox. It is simply an evident situation perfectly clear for people who observe the surrounding with a little sense of critic.

The world was based on a sort of illusion of: happiness, freedom, richness and equality, freedom of speech, complexity, evolution, humanism, and intelligence. But it was only a matter of size to discover the bitter reality; 125 nanometres was enough to let all of these illusions collapse finally.

These words may appear cryptic in a first sight but unfortunately are terribly clear. And to explain these clear but difficult concepts we have to rise up a question which calls a very articulated answer. The question is: what will happen in the age of post-Post-Modernism?

We are all clear that in the history of culture it was a time called Post-Modernism. The philosophy of Jacques Derrida became progressively influential after the 1970s and conceptual funambulism’s were a challenge for all the patient readers of the Deconstructionist essays. In this moment, we are not talking about that age, because over 50 years have been passed and we are not focusing on the past but, on the present and the future.

That age, the Post-Modernism, was clear in its assumptions, but the post-Post-Modernist time is not that much clear. And it is a critical question because there is no clear trend which can be called a school of thought which can explain the contemporary situation. A possible answer is this: after the age of Deconstruction what it is left are fragments, and fragments have the characteristics to multiply the image of the reality in thousand pieces, all disconnected and inorganic. But still the reality is one, and this is a contradiction, because what we are going to assert in this editorial is that the reality after the Deconstruction was not made by pieces, but on the contrary, the reality was apparently Two-Dimensional, and finally disappear into nothing.

Why so?

Let’s explain the apparent riddle in our story. The reason why we call our age perplexing is because there is no any possible philosophy which can clearly illustrate what is going on. The contemporary philosophy collapse in front of the technology which is absolutely more advanced, faster, complex and beyond of any human capacity. A “clear thought” is a mental process — preferably human — which is able to explain the reality of the world. The Deconstruction denied this possibility, but in fact this means nothing. Human activities precede Deconstruction and it will continue afterwards. On the contrary, what it is clear is the absence of a post-Deconstructivist thought, a construction able to explain the nature of the recent years. Again, the philosophy collapse and the evidence is the absolute vanity of the speculation about “privacy”, “ethics”, “moral”, “equality”, and similar pre-Deconstructionist value. The privacy does not exist in the age of Dark Web. The ethics and politically correct does not exist in the age where the politics are incorrect. Every form of morality cannot defeat the disgusting immorality of the superficial behaviour of most of the people in front of the brutality of the world. The equality never exists in the history. But, attention, I do not mean that these categories are empty. They are above any possible discussion and I confirm all of them. The point that I intend to mention is the intentional absence of interests of the contemporary world in front of some key characters of “being human”. Being human, in all its contradictions, complexity and difficulties, become a sort of “Two-Dimensional show”. First the television, then the computer, then the surface of the smartphone. The real life, with all its n-dimensions asserted by David Hilbert in mathematics and Edward Witten in the Theory of Superstrings, become only Two-Dimensional or even less. The communication as “act of intention” become limited to social media. The physiognomy is reduced to an endless number of stickers. And this is not a complain, it is a fact. And we have no intention to take back the world of iconography and iconology. That form of expression is death forever. Is it bad? No, it is the history and we need to accept.

Now, it is clear the idea of Two-Dimensional world. And why it does not exists? Because that world, the world of 2-D it means:

This sequence of numbers is equivalent to «Two-Dimensional world» in binary code, which is essentially what we are doing every day in front of a computer. People often confuse the interface with the reality of computing. And until now we are only in front of simple «bit», unit of information. What will happen when the Quantum Computing will dominate the world? The humanity will not communicate anymore because there will be no more connection between human intention and process of communication. This is why the world does not exist.

If we live over internet we live in a fictional world where there is no happiness, freedom, richness, equality, freedom of expression, complexity, evolution, humanism, or intelligence. Everything is virtual because what we know is virtual, it is from internet sources and there is no way to control this world. Internet was created to share information and it is still so. But! Information does not means knowledge. Knowledge is a critical understanding of the information. It is the clear choice in between what is useful and what is useless, what is correct and what is incorrect. And the age of 01110000 01101111 01110011 01110100 00101101 01010000 01101111 01110011 01110100 00101101 01001101 01101111 01100100 01100101 01110010 01101110 01101001 01110011 01101101 this is very hard or at least not humane.

125 nanometres is the size of the Covid-19, according to the scientists, and I trust. This small measure let all our gigantic business, the solid contemporary age, collapses in less than 6 months. Trillions of Euro are available in a true act of generosity from the European Union to the countries which are more effected by this tragedy. But as many economist assert, when the numbers become of that entity something is wrong. There are no enough money and actually no enough “value” to cover trillions of Euro. And this is not our opinion.

And this is the reason why we need an “act of critic”. This section of Design Daily, called Design Daily Research has the intention to propose papers which are based on critics. Critics does not means criticize, which is a useless act. It basically means to create discussions which is based on human intelligence and human process, based on “culture” and not only on technicity. Science is one form of culture, but not the only one. We intend to read the world with the eyes of the culture. We will be a minority in front of the world, but the “world of quantity is not for us”.

A very welcome in our human world.

Reference picture: Philosophers Mosaic, Socrates, Apamea, Turkey, ca. 350 CE. Source: Livius.org/.                                            In: https://www.livius.org/pictures/syria/qalat-al-mudiq-apamea/apamea-cathedral-philosophers-school/apamea-philosophers-mosaic-socrates/

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